Ki no Kuimaro (紀咋麻呂)

KI no Kuimaro (born in 755 and died on February 12, 833) was a government official in the early Heian period.

He was conferred a peerage in May 799,. In August 804, when Emperor Kanmu went to Izumi no kuni (Izumi Province), Kunimaro accompanied as the Deputy-Director of the imperial procession. When Emperor Kanmu died, he played an important role as a goshozokushi (a government official who handles important rituals). After that, he partook in other positions such as the Nakatsukasa no Shofu (the Junior Assistant Minister who deals with the Imperial Court affairs), the Gyobu taifu (the Senior Assistant Minister of Administration of Justice), the Sakyo no daifu (the chief of the Eastern Capital offices) and the Hyobu taifu (the Senior Assistant Minister of Military Administration). He died at the age of 79 on February 12, 833. He was the Shoshiinoge Izumo no kami (Senior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade, Governor of Izumo Province).