Kume no Hironawa (久米広縄)

KUME no Hirotada (year of birth and death unknown) was a kajin (waka poet) in the middle of the Nara period. His kabane (hereditary title) was Ason (second highest of the eight hereditary titles).

"Shosoin Monjo" (document collection of the Nara period kept in Shosoin) says that he was at the government post as Jushichiinojo (Junior Seventh Rank, Upper Grade) Meryo (the section taking care of imperial horses) at the time of 745. Afterward, he left for his new post as jo (secretary of provincial offices) in Ecchu Province about April, 748 ("Manyoshu" [the oldest anthology of tanka] Volume 18), and he held that post until about September, 751. Ecchu no kami (Governor of Ecchu Province) at that time was OTOMO no Yakamochi, and so Hirotada is thought to have made a written record of waka under Yakamochi, which turned into "Manyoshu" Volume 18. In those days, Hirotada held waka parties with Yakamochi, Echizen no suke (assistant governor of Echizen Province) KURA no Tadamaro and so on, and went to Fuse no mizuumi (present Junichogata in Himi City, Toyama Prefecture) and had a good time with them. By the way, in June, 749, and September, 751, he came up to the capital, Kyoto as Shozeichoshi (a messenger who brings the official tax ledgers from a local office to the central government).

One Choka (long poem) and 8 Tanka (thirty-one syllables' poem) of Hironawa's were selected for "Manyoshu" (18-4050, 4053, 19-4201, 4203, 4209, 4210, 4222, 4231, 4252).