Kume no Shioko (来目塩籠)

KUME no Shioko (year of birth unknown - 672) was a person who lived during the Asuka Period. KUME no Shihoko' is the reading of his name in the old Japanese syllabary characters. His kabane (hereditary title) was Omi. He was the Provincial Governor of Kawachi Province during the Jinshin War in 672, and tried to raise an army under the orders of Prince Oama (Emperor Tenmu), but committed suicide after his plans were exposed by the enemy.

In the midst where both armies were vying to consolidate their forces after the break out of the Jinshin War, the Kawachi Province sided with Prince Otomo (Emperor Kobun), leveling their sphere of influence against OTOMO no Fukei of Wa Province (Yamato Province) who joined Prince Oama's forces. IKI no Karakuni took the command of the forces that gathered in Kawachi. Karakuni's army defeated the army sent by Hukei most likely on July 3. On this occasion, the Provincial Governor of Kawachi Province KUME no Shioko was raising an army in his efforts to side with Prince Oama. Karakuni secretly got wind of Shioko's plan and tried to kill him. Shioko committed suicide, realizing that his plans had been exposed.