Kunu no Maro (久努麻呂)

KUNU no Maro (year of birth and death unknown) was a person who lived during the Asuka period. His family name was also called Abenokunu. In old Japanese syllabary characters, his name had been written the same, and its pronunciation is considered to have been the same. His kabane (hereditary title) was Omi (the sixth highest of the eight hereditary titles), and later he was raised to Ason (the second highest of the eight hereditary titles). In 675, he was thrown out of the imperial court, and soon after that, deprived of his official court rank. Later he was forgiven, and in 686, at the funeral of Emperor Tenmu, he praised the achievements of Utaenotsukasa (the court of justice).

On May 7, 675, Emperor Tenmu forbade TAGIMA no Hiromaro and KUNU no Maro to come to the imperial court. The reason is unknown. On May 13 of the same year, KUNU no Maro was deprived of his official court rank in the name of his disobedience to imperial orders. At that time, his rank was Shokinge.

Later he is supposed to have been forgiven, because according to a record, at the funeral of Emperor Tenmu of October 21, 686, ABENOKUNU no Maro (KUNU no Maro) was appointed to the role to praise the achievements of Utaenotsukasa, and by that time, his rank and post had been raised to Ason Jikikoshi.