Kusu no Iwate (樟磐手)

KUSU no Iwate lived during Japan's Asuka Period. His name is pronounced "KUSU no Ihate" in the old Japanese kana syllabary. His kabane (hereditary title) was Omi. In the Jinshin War of 672, KUSU no Iwate became an envoy responsible for mobilizing troops in the Province of Kibi for Prince Otomo (later Emperor Kobun), and killed the governor of the province, TAIMA no Hiroshima.

Little is known about the Kusu clan. When the Court at Omi no miya learned in late June 672 that Oama no Miko (later Emperor Tenmu) had raised an army against it, the Omi Court dispatched messengers to the regional allies to order the mobilization of troops. KUSU no Iwate was sent to the Province of Kibi, and SAEKI no Otoko was dispatched to the Province of Chikushi to deliver a message to KURIKUMA no Okimi. Both KURIKUMA no Okimi of Chikushi Province and TAIMA no Hiroshima of Kibi Province were initially under control of Oama no Miko. Being skeptical that Kurikuma and Taima may join the Oama no Miko, Otomo no Oji ordered KUSU no Iwate and SAEKI no Otoko to kill both if governors showed any signs of disobedience. After arriving in the Province of Kibi, Iwate deceived Hiroshima to lay down his sword on the day to hand the Imperial letter, and killed Hiroshima by his own sword.

There are no other records on KUSU no Iwate.