Kuze Michinori (久世通式)

KUZE Michinori (1593-1628) was a court noble during the early Edo Period. He was KOGA Atsumichi's son.
In many documents his name was erroneously written as KUZE Michitake (通武)

His origin
The Kyoto Kuze family are court nobles belonging to the House of Urin (holding military ranks) and are descendents of the Murakami-Genji (Minamoto clan), and Michinori KUZE was the first generation of the Kuze family and the second son of Atsumichi KOGA., who was the 19th generation of the Koga family. In addition to the Kuze family, there are eight court noble families separated from the Koga family; they are: the Nakanoin family, the Rokujo family, the Iwakura family, the Chigusa family, the Higashikuze family, the Umetani family, the Atago family and the Uematsu family.

The time in which Michinori formed the Kuze family, that separated from the Koga family, is not clearly known, but in November 1619, Michinori was granted a shoryo (territory) that yielded 200-koku (36.078 cubic meters of crop yield) at Shimokuze Village, Otsukuni County, Yamashiro Province.

Since he took the third daughter of Tadataka HOSOKAWA (after the disinheritance, he called himself NAGAOKA Kyumu), Fukuhime (Princess Fuku) (1609-1635) as his lawful wife, and as Tadataka was the first son of the lord of Higo domain, Tadaoki HOSOKAWA, even after Fukuhime's death, he continued to be granted the yield of rice from the Hosokawa clan. And when Tadataka HOSOKAWA died, according to his will, Michinori's son Michitoshi KUZE succeeded to the privilege of receiving the grant of 100-koku (18.039 cubic meters of crop yield).

After Michinori KUZE, the family was succeeded by Michitoshi KUZE, Michioto KUZE and others, and it can be counted up to the 22nd generation since Michinori. From generation to generation the family took charge of Konoefu (Division of Inner Palace Guards), and since the generation of Michinatsu KUZE, all of the family heads were promoted to Gon Dainagon (provisional chief councilor of state). During the Meiji Period the title of viscount was granted.

Numerous documents derived from the Kyoto Kuze family of Yamashiro Province are kept in Meiji University, etc., and the study on the family is carried out in the National Institute of Japanese Literature and others.