Kairyo (海量)

Kairyo (1733-1817) was a priest of Jodo Shin sect (the True Pure Land Sect of Buddhism), an educator and a Kajin (waka poet), who lived in the later Edo period.

Kairyo was born at a temple of Jodo Shin sect in Inukami-gun County (also called Inugami no kori, Inugamikori, Inugamigori or Inukamigori), Omi Province. Invited by Naonaka Ii who was the Lord of Hikone Domain in Omi Province, Kairyo founded the Kodokan school which was a han-ko school (school of a feudal domain) in 1799, thereby endeavoring to promote hangaku (schooling for samurai children). Being a disciple of KAMO no Mabuchi, Kairyo was familiar with Kokugaku (the study of Japanese classical literature) and Kagaku (the study of Japanese poetry; poetics).

He left a collection of poems: "Hitoyohana" (literally, night blooming flowers or flowers which bloom on an overnight basis).