Hosho Kan (宝生閑)

Kan HOSHO (May 15, 1934 -) is a Nohgakushi (Noh actor) playing waki (supporting role) of the Shimogakari-Hosho-ryu school. The present 12th head of the family. His name Kan HOSHO (宝生閑) is also written as 寳生閑 in Chinese characters.

1934: Born in Tokyo as the oldest son of Yaichi HOSHO and brought up in the house of his grandfather, Arata HOSHO. Studied under his grandfather, his father and Kenzo MATSUMOTO. 1941: Debuted in 'Aoi no Ue' (Lady Aoi). 1943: Performed waki in 'Iwafune' (a boat-like rock) for the first time.

1994: Designated as Individual Holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure). 1996: Received the Medal with Purple Ribbon. 2002: Assigned as a member of the Japan Art Academy.

His oldest son is Kinya HOSHO, a Nohgakushi.