Hagiwara Kaneyori (萩原兼従)

Kaneyori HAGIWARA (1588 - September 17, 1660) was a Shintoist, who lived during the early Edo period. His real father was Kaneharu YOSHIDA. His mother was the daughter of Yusai HOSOKAWA.
His wife was a niece of Kodaiin
He was the ancestor of the Hagiwara family.

After he was deliberately adopted by his grandfather Kanemi YOSHIDA in 1599 according to Kanemi's plan, he held the position of clerical worker at Toyokuni-jinja Shrine (Kyoto City), where Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI was enshrined, and came to use the family name Hagiwara. After the Osaka no Eki (The Siege of Osaka) in 1615 in which the Toyotomi clan was downfallen, Toyokuni-jinja Shrine was destroyed and Kaneyori was exiled to Bungo Province, however, thanks to the arrangement of Tadaoki HOSOKAWA, he was exceptionally pardoned. Afterwards, he became the conservator of the Yoshida family and he made Koretari YOSHIKAWA to take over the Yuiitsu Shinto (a sect of Shinto). After Kaneyori's death, within the premise of Yoshida-jinja Shrine, 'Kamiumi-jinja Shrine' (神海神社), his mausoleum was constructed.