Matsu Kanshi (松貫四)

Kanshi MATSU is a professional name of kabuki writer.

This name refers to two people; one in the Anei era and one at present, and the former is the ancestor of the latter.
The latter, however, doesn't call himself 'the second,' and therefore both are correctly known as just 'Kanshi MATSU.'

Kanshi MATSU (the first)
He was the master of the shibai jaya (a teahouse located within a theater) at Yukiza theater in Edo. He was a connoisseur of ningyo joruri (traditional Japanese puppet theater), but his hobby developed into a job and he became a joruri writer. He became much popular than other professional writers and wrote seven works.

"Koimusume Mukashihachijo" (Okoma Saiza), "Meiboku Sendaihagi" (Sendaihagi) and "Saikai Soga Nakamura" etc.

Kichiemon NAKAMURA (the second)
He is a descendant of the first and was born in 1944. The pan name which Kabuki actor Kichiemon NAKAMURA (the second) uses as a kabuki writer.

"Saikaizakura misomeno kiyomizu," "Tomoe Gozen", "Hinimukau shimano kagekiyo" and "Enma to Seirai" etc.