Naba Kassho (那波活所)

Kassho NABA (1595 to January 27, 1648) was a Confucianism scholar in the early Edo period. His name was Shinkichi, Ho or Ko. The character is Doen. His common name was Heihachi.

He was born into a wealthy farmer's family in Himeji Domain of Harima Province. After learning Confucianism and the medicine, he went out to Kyoto and studied under Seika FUJIWARA. Kassho NABA, Razan HAYASHI, Sekigo MATSUNAGA, and Kyoan HORI were called the Kamon big four. In 1623, he served Tadahiro KATO, the feudal lord of Kumamoto Domain, Higo Province. From 1635, he served Yorinobu TOKUGAWA, the feudal lord of Kishu domain in Kii Privince, as a Jushin (Confucianism servant). He was involved in the publication of "Wamyo Ruiju Sho" (Japanese name excerpt) with the type.

Among his books were "Person light and shade chart" and "Posthumous works in a Live Place". Shiso NABA (Rodo), who wrote "The Origin of Knowledge" etc., was his great-great-grandson. Among his descendants in future generations included Toshisada NABA, who was a professor of Kyoto University and a scholar of eastern history.