Kagatsume Katsunoshin (加賀爪勝之進)

Katsunoshin KAGATSUME (year of birth unknown - March 29, 1868) was a Hira-taishi (common soldier) of the Shinsengumi (literally, the newly selected corps, referring to a special police force for the Tokugawa regime). Katsunoshin was a whilom feudal retainer of Kano Domain in Mino Province. The family name Kagatsume (which was written as "加賀爪" in Japanese) was also written as "加々爪," and the name Katsunoshin (which was written as "勝之進" in Japanese) was alternatively called Katsutaro (which was written as "勝太郎" in Japanese).

Katsunoshin joined the Shinsengumi in about 1866. Katsunoshin's name appeared as a Hira-doshi (common soldier) in a record of the Shinsengumi which was then formally employed as a group of mercenaries by the shogunate on July 11, 1867.

Katsunoshin participated in the Battle of Toba-Fushimi on January 27, 1868. However, Katsunoshin was shot dead in the Battle of Koshu-Katsunuma on March 29, 1868.