Katsuragi no Onara (葛城烏那羅)

Katsuragi no Onara (also called "Kazuraki no Onara"; the date of birth and death unknown) is gozoku (local ruling family) who lived during the Asuka period. He was a close adviser of Prince Shotoku. His kabane (hereditary title) was Omi. His name was written as 鳥奈良, 小楢, etc.

He is considered to be a descendant of the Katsuragi clan who had power around the fifth century, but the genealogical relationship is unknown. When SOGA no Umako attacked MONONOBE no Moriya, Katsuragi joined the war along with Prince Hatsusebe, Prince Umayado, etc.

In November, 590, Katsuragi led the retainers and followers of various clans as one of taishogun (literally, "great general who subdues the barbarians") for subjugation of Shiragi (ancient Korean kingdom) and set up a camp in Tsukushi Province with over twenty-thousand troops on the Japanese side (although the troops did not actually cross the sea).

When Prince Umayado paid gyokei (visit of imperial person) to a hot spring in Iyo Province (called "Iyo-no-yu", probably the present-day Dogo-onsen Hot Spring), he accompanied the Prince along with a monk named Eji who was another close advisor.