Nakamura Kichiemon (中村吉右衛門)

Kichiemon NAKAMURA is a Kabuki (traditional drama performed by male actors) actor's professional name. Two Kabuki actors in mid Edo period and two in the modern era have used the name but those in different periods are not related and hereditary numbering are applied individually.

The stage family name was Sanogawaya. The family was founded by the younger brother of Mangiku SANOGAWA, who was a celebrated onnagata (an actor who plays the role of women) of the Horeki era (from 1751 to 1763).

Kichiemon NAKAMURA (Sanogawaya, the first)
Kichiemon NAKAMURA (1694 - 1770) was the younger brother of the first Mangiku SANOGAWA.

From Juzo SANOGAWA, through Juzo NAKAMURA, Kazuemon (嘉津右衛門) NAKAMURA, the First Kitsuemon (喜津右衛門) NAKAMURA, to Kichiemon NAKAMURA (Sanogawaya, the first).

Kichiemon NAKAMURA (Sanogawaya, the second)

From an actor (undefined) to the Second Kichiemon NAKAMURA.


The stage family name was Harimaya. The Jomon (family crest) is Agehacho (a swallow-tailed butterfly) and the Kaemon (alternate personal crest) is Murayama Katabami (a type of family crest with yellow sorrels). The family was founded by the oldest son of Karoku NAKAMURA (the third).

Kichiemon NAKAMURA (the first)
The first Kichiemon NAKAMURA (1886 - 1954) was the oldest son of the third Karoku NAKAMURA. He was an outstanding actor who formed the 'Kiku-Kichi era' (Kikugoro-Kichiemon era) with Kikugoro ONOE (the sixth) in the Taisho period.

The first Kichiemon NAKAMURA.

Kichiemon NAKAMURA (the second)
The second Kichiemon NAKAMURA (1944 -) is the second son of Hakuo MATSUMOTO, who was the son-in-law of the first Kichiemon, and was adopted by the first Kichiemon. He inherits the artistic skills of both his maternal grandfather, Harimaya, and his father, Koraiya.

From Mannosuke NAKAMURA to the second Kichiemon NAKAMURA.