Onoe Kikunosuke (尾上菊之助)

Kikunosuke ONOE is a Kabuki (traditional drama performed by male actors) actor's professional name. The stage family name is Otowaya. Current Kikunosuke ONOE is the fifth. The Jomon (family crest) is Kasaneogi ni Daki Kashiwa (double fans with a pair of Japanese emperor leaves) or Yotsu-wa (four rings).

In general, it is often used after Ushinosuke ONOE and before Kikugoro ONOE. It was originally the professional name of tachiyaku (leading male-role actors), but in some cases, onnagata (actors of female roles), such as Baiko ONOE (the seventh), succeeded to the name. Since it is not a so-called famous professional name, it does not have any own art, but is excelled at playing roles of the Otowaya line.

Kikunosuke ONOE (the first)

The second son of the third Kikugoro ONOE and an adopted son of the fourth Kikugoro ONOE.

Kikunosuke ONOE (the second)

An adopted child of the fifth Kikugoro ONOE. He was a model of Zangiku Monogatari (The Story of the Last Chrysanthemum).

Kikunosuke ONOE (the third)

The fourth Ushinosuke ONOE and the seventh Baiko ONOE.

Kikunosuke ONOE (the fourth)

The oldest son of the third. The fifth Ushinosuke ONOE, the seventh Kikugoro ONOE.

Kikunosuke ONOE (the fifth)

The oldest son of the fourth. The sixth Ushinosuke ONOE.