Hayashi Kimko (林きむ子)

Kimuko HAYASHI (1884 - 1967) was a dancer, author, social activist and a businesswoman. She was counted amongst the three beautiful women in the Taisho period. Her koseki(the household register) name was Kin.


She was born in Yanagibashi, Tokyo and her father was the first generation Toyotake Kazusonotayu who was said to be an originator of Kyogen(farce played during Noh play cycle) Joruri (Ballad drama). Mother was the first generation of Joruri TAKEMOTO Soko. Benten SOGANOYA and Rintaro TOMA were her half brothers. Actor Makoto FUJITA was her nephew. She was adopted by a fancy Japanese-style restaurant Hananoya's lady owner Hana UCHIDA at her wish to succeed the place when she was seven and began all sorts of training in traditional arts that include shamisen (a three-stringed Japanese banjo), Japanese dancing, flower arrangement and so forth. Adopted house"Hamanoya" was a well known restaurant frequented by Mitsuru TOYAMA and Shigemaru SUGIYAMA at the time.

Later, she married Terutake HYUGA, who died crazed with grief by Oura scandal.

Later she remarried Ryuha HAYASHI, who was nine years younger within a year of her first husband death with six children and this became a big scandalous news of the Taisho period.

Her husband Ryuha had a child with another woman around the time her daughter Midori died and he never returned but they did not divorce.