Sanjonishi Kineda (三条西公条)

Kineda SANJONISHI (June 21, 1487 - December 27, 1563) was a court noble, poet and classical scholar during the Sengoku period (Period of Warring States). He was the son of Sanetaka SANJONISHI. His mother was the daughter of Norihide KAJUJI. His Homyo or Dharma name was Jokaku. He went by the pseudonym, Shomyoin. He had a son name Saneki and two grandsons, Kinkuni SANJONISHI and Michikatsu NAKANOIN. His great-grandchild was Kasuga no tsubone.

He was taught about the important points of the 'Tale of Genji' and wrote commentaries, such as 'Myojosho' (The Bright Star Commentary). From 1528 to 1529, he taught the 'Kokin-wakashu' (Anthology of Japanese poems (waka) of the mid Heian period) to Emperor Gonara. He was appointed Udaijin (minister of the right) and reached the rank of Shonii (Senior Second Rank). In 1544, he joined the priesthood at Nison-in Temple and took the name, Jokaku.

His writings include the commentaries 'Isemonogatari Sho' (Selected comments on the "Tales of Ise"), 'Hyakunin Isshu Sho' (Selected comments on the "Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets"), 'Koyasan Sanpaiki' (record of a visit to Mt. Koya), and 'Santo Junreiki' (record of a pilgrimage to three pagodas in Mt. Hiei).
His writings are also included in the collection, 'Shomyoin.'