Kiyohara Kiyoshi (清原清)

Kiyoshi KIYOHARA (1831-June 15, 1868) was the master of gunnery of the Shinsengumi (a group who guarded Kyoto during the end of Tokugawa Shogunate) and later Goryo-eji (guard of Imperial mausoleums). His real name was Yazaemon NISHIMURA.

He was originally from the Kumamoto Domain. He traveled to Kyoto to answer Toshizo HIJIKATA's call for guard members from Edo in May 1865. Kiyoshi did not follow Kashitaro ITO when he left to establish the Goryo-eji, but left the group to join him before being appointed as a retainer of the shogun.

Later, he changed his name to Naoe TAKEGAWA. He was in Ise province on business when the Abura-no-koji Incident happened. The Battle of Toba and Fumishi started while he was with Washio KANO in Edo on business after returning to Kyoto. He joined the Satsuma Domain troops and fought in the series of battles from north Kanto region to Aizu. He died in the Battle of Shirakawaguchi.

His grave is at Kaiko-ji Temple, Mt. Chingoshinsan (grave for Satsuma Domain soldiers in Shirakawa City).

He was buried in the graveyard for the new government troops in Shirakawa City, but the Satsuma Domain established a tombstone at Chingo-jinja Shrine.