Fukui Kohichiro (福井興七郎)

Kohichiro FUKUI (year of birth and death unknown), who lived in the Azuchi Momoyama period, was a jizamurai (local samurai), whose base was in the village of Katsube Okugo Hasshoji, Keta County, Inaba Province (Tottori Prefecture).

In mid-September 1580, together with Hizen NAGATA from the same village, he schemed to capture samurai on the run and hand them over to the Kikkawa clan for a reward.

He led about 30 kinsmen and hunted for runaways in the surrounding mountains. He tracked down Ujitoyo YAMANA and others, who were fleeing to Tajima Province upon defeat in the collapse of Nagota in thirteen days, and assassinated them.

It is said that on that occasion, Kohichiro was stabbed to death by Genzo SHINOMIYA, Ujitoyo's aide, but whether he died or lived is unclear.