Ban Kokei (伴蒿蹊)

Kokei BAN (November 7, 1733-September 7, 1806) was kajin (a waka poet) and a writer in the latter part of the Edo period. He had a name of Sukeyoshi and another go (byname) of Kandenro (閑田蘆). He was born in Shoka (mercantile house) of Kyoto which originated from Omihachiman and he was adopted by a wealthy merchant Sukeyuki BAN (伴資之) of his head family at the age of eight. He succeeded the family estate at the age of 18 and dedicated himself to family business, but he retired to become a priest at the age of 36 and dedicated himself to writing after that.

His book 'Shujukokoroegusa' is regarded as a typical kakun (family percept) of Omi merchants. In addition, ' Kinsei Kijinden' is famous as Kokei's biography. It is published as a book in the series of Heibonsha, Toyo bunko and Chuko Classics.