Kurahara Koreyoshi (蔵原惟繕)

Koreyoshi KURAHARA (May 31, 1927-December 28, 2002) was a Japanese film director.

Literary critic Korehito KURAHARA is his uncle and film director Koretsugu KURAHARA is his younger brother.

Brief personal history
He was born in Kuching City, Kingdom Sarawak, Borneo Island (now, Kuching, Sarawak Province, Malaysia).

He lived in the residence of Kajiro YAMAMOTO as a shosei (a student who is given room and board in exchange for performing domestic duties), by introduction of Ishiro HONDA, when he was a student of Nihon University, College of Art Department of Cinema. Upon graduating university in 1952, he entered Shochiku Kyoto Studios and served as an assistant director. He transferred to Nikkatsu in 1954 and served mainly as a chief assistant director of Eisuke TAKIZAWA.

He debuted as a director with "Ore wa matteruze" (I will wait for you) starring Yujiro ISHIHARA in 1957. He attracted attention by using bold camera angles and camera work. Afterward, he made many works starring Yujiro ISHIHARA and Ruriko ASAOKA.

He became a freelance in 1967. After that, he made big pieces and popular works one after another, including "The Fox In The Quest of The Northern Sun," "Seishun no mon" (Gate of Youth), "See you to the Ocean" and "5000 kilometers for the glory" for Ishihara Promotion.

"Antarctica" released in 1983 became an especially big hit with a distribution of 5,900 million yen, and was the record-setting biggest hit in Japanese films until "Princess Mononoke" exceeded it in 1997.