Miyagi Kozo (宮城浩蔵)

Kozo MIYAGI (June 2, 1852 - February 13, 1893) was a criminal law scholar in Japan.


He contributed to the introduction of neoclassical school and eclecticism of French criminal law into Japan and was called 'Eastern Acephate,' but they were criticized for the inability to handle the increase in repeated offenses associated with the development of the capitalism.


He was born in Dewa Province (present Yamagata Prefecture) in 1852.

After studying at Daigaku Nanko (the predecessor of the University of Tokyo), he graduated from Meihoryo (Institute for Legal Studies) of Ministry of Justice as a member of the inaugural class in 1876 and then studied in Paris, France.

He returned to Japan in1880.

He founded Meiji Law School with Tatsuo KISHIMOTO and Misao YASHIRO in 1881.

He was appointed to the drafting committee for the bill to revise the Penal Code in 1890.

He died in 1893 (at the age of 42).