Ishii Kunimichi (石井邦猷)

Kunimichi ISHII (July 15, 1837 - February 3, 1893) was a government official from the end of Edo period to Meiji period. His common name was Torao.

Brief Personal History

A feudal retainer of Hiji domain in Bungo Province. He entered the army as a Lieutenant Colonel after the Meiji Restoration. He became a government official of police in Meiji Government.

He served in the Department of Military Affairs in 1869.

He became a Major in the Army in 1871.

He became a chief of the Correction Bureau in 1881.

He became a prefectural governor of Mie Prefecture in 1885.

He assumed a prefectual governor of Saga Prefecture in June, 1888.

He became a councilor of the Senate in December, 1889.

He had an adopted child, Kikujiro ISHII, who became the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Japan).