Hino Kunimitsu (日野邦光)

Kunimitsu HINO (1320-1363) was a court noble in the period of the Northern and Southern Courts. He was the son of Suketomo HINO. His childhood name was Kumawakamaru.

His father, Suketomo, who took part in the anti-government plan of Emperor Godaigo, was arrested by the Hojo clan and exiled to Sato Island in 1324 (Shochu Disturbance). Afterwards, his father was killed by Shugo (Provincial constable) Nyudo (man in the priesthood with a shaven head) Yasunori HONMA when the Genko Incident broke out. Kumawakamaru went over to Sado Island at the age of 13, and when he learned of his father's death, he made up his mind to avenge his father. He attacked his enemy Nyudo HONMA, taking advantage of the darkness at a stormy night, and although he could not capture Nyudo, he fatally stabbed a killer working under Nyudo, Saburo HONMA. Then he, who slipped out Sado Island, returned to Kyoto, and later he served the Southern Court, in which he was promoted and became Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank) Chunagon (vice-councilor of state).