Matsuzawa Kyusaku (松沢求策)

Kyusaku MATSUZAWA (1855 - June 25, 1887) was an advocate of the Freedom and People's Rights who was born in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture.


He was born in a soy sauce brewery called Wakamatsu-ya in Todorokicho-mura, Azumi County, Shinano Province (Hotaka-shuku [a posting station], Chikuni-kaido Road).


He became sekimori (a manager of a dam) of Jikkasegi Dam which was the largest irrigation dam in Azumino City. Since this post played the role of having sole power over management and distribution of irrigation water in the area, it was an honorary position that was originally passed down to nanushi (village headmen).


He became a chief editor of Matsumoto-shinbun Newspaper in which he preached his theory on freedom.


He founded Shokyo-sha (an association which supported the movement of the Freedom and People's Rights). At the request of Aikoku-sha (an association which supported the movement of the Freedom and People's Rights) in Osaka, he attended Kokkai-ganbo-yushi-taikai (a voluntary convention of those desiring for a parliament). At Seisho-ji Temple in Matsumoto City, Higashichikuma County, a convention for Shokyo-sha association was held. He was elected from Minami-Azumi County to become a member of Nagano Prefectural Assembly.


He became the chief of publisher for "Toyo Jiyu Shinbun" journal by Kinmochi SAIONJI. The journal, however, ceased publication when Saionji resigned. When it happened, Matsuzawa sent an exhortation to advocates of People's Rights; however, he was arrested for rabble-rousing and was sentenced 70 days of imprisonment with work.

After having been discharged from prison, he started business in Hachijo-jima Island. Later, he was active as a member of Nagano Prefectural Assembly.


He was arrested for allegedly having been involved in the incident of leakage of questions in an examination for becoming an attorney.


He died of tuberculosis while in prison. His death haiku read: 'Omoukoto Tsukushitemo-hatezu Sasowarete Kaeranu-tabini Kokoro-nokoshite' (Since my thoughts over many matters are unending, I have regrets over my leave for a journey with no return).