Michi no Masuhito (路益人)

MICHI no Masuhito (date of birth and death unknown) lived during Japan's Asuka period. In the old Japanese kana syllabary, too, his name is pronounced "MICHI no Masuhito." His hereditary title was Atai (one of the upper title under Yamato dynasty). He followed Prince Oama (Emperor Tenmu) in the Jinshin War of 672 and was sent to the Suzuka-no-seki Checkpoint to pick up Prince Otsu.

Michi clan was a member of the Yamatonoaya clan and were immigrants to ancient Japan. It is unknown where MICHI no Masuhito was or what he was doing when the Jinshin War started, but he was with Prince Oama when the prince arrived at Ise Province on 25th.

When the Jinshin War started, Prince Oama departed from Yoshino no miya toward the east and ordered Prince Takechi and Prince Otsu to escape from Otsu where Omi no miya located. The two princes escaped separately with followers and ran after their father heading to Ise Province. Prince Takechi joined his father's party on June 25 and Prince Otsu got to the Suzuka-no-seki Checkpoint in Ise in the midnight of that day. The checkpoint was blocked by 500 soldiers loyal to Prince Oama. Since Prince Otsu didn't disclose his identity immediately, Suzuka-no-seki Checkpoint officials reported to Prince Oama that they had Yamabe no Okimi (Prince Yamabe) and Ishikawa no Okimi (Prince Ishikawa) in custody.

At this time, Prince Oama sent MICHI no Masuhito to pick up the two princes. The following morning on 26th, when Prince Oama was worshipping Amaterasu Omikami (the Sun Goddess) at the bank of Toho-gawa River in Asake-no-kori county, MICHI no Masuhito arrived and reported that "the prince kept at the checkpoint was neither Yamabe no Okimi (Prince Yamabe) or Ishikawa no Okimi (Prince Ishikawa), but Prince Otsu." The prince's party arrived right after Masuhito.

There is no other records of MICHI no Masuhito.