Minabuchi no Shoan (南淵請安)

MINABUCHI no Shoan (dates of birth and death unknown) was a monk studying abroad in the Asuka Period. He was an intellectual from the family of immigrants called MINABUCHI no Ayahito who lived in the present Inabuchi, Asukamura, around the upper Asuka-gawa River. The name of the area was called Minabuchi in ancient times but was now changed to Inabuchi.

In 608, he accompanied ONO no Imoko, a Japanese envoy to the Sui dynasty of China to study as one of eight students and monks including TAKAMUKO no Kuromaro and Min who was a monk. After experiencing the process from the fall of Sui Dynasty (618) to the establishment of Tang Dynasty during his 32-year stay, he returned to Japan along with TAKAMUKO no Kuromaro in 640. He introduced Sui's and Tang's advanced knowledge into Japan.

It is said that Emperor Tenchi and FUJIWARA no Kamatari developed a plan to defeat the Soga clan on their way to the Shoan's school. Although the knowledge which Shoan introduced had big influence on the Taika Reforms, he was not involved in the new government. It is assumed that he died before the establishment of the new government.