Minamoto no Akiko (源明子)

MINAMOTO no AKIKO (also called Akirakeiko or Meishi) was a person who lived during the Heian period.

She was the daughter of MINAMOTO no Takaakira and the wife of FUJIWARA no Michinaga.

She was the daughter of MINAMOTO no Saneakira. She is assumed to be the model of Gen no Naishinosuke in "The Tale of Genji."

MINAMOTO no Akiko (the daughter of MINAMOTO no Takaakira)

MINAMOTO no Akiko (c. 965 - August 29, 1049) was the daughter of MINAMOTO no Takaakira, who had the title of Sadaijin (Minister of the Left). Her mother was Aimiya, who was the daughter of MINAMOTO no Morosuke. MINAMOTO no Tsunefusa was her maternal younger brother.

After her father was dismissed from his court position due to the Anna Incident, she became an adopted daughter of her uncle, Imperial Prince Moriakira. After the death of the imperial prince, she was given the patronage of FUJIWARA no Senshi and was called Takamatsu-den after marrying FUJIWARA no Michinaga. Her children were FUJIWARA no Yorimune, FUJIWARA no Akinobu, FUJIWARA no Yoshinobu, FUJIWARA no Kanshi (the nyogo (consort) of Koichijo-in), FUJIWARA no Takako (the wife of FUJIWARA no Morofusa), and FUJIWARA no Nagaie.

The accepted theory stated that he married Akiko in 988, a year after Michinaga married MINAMOTO no Rinshi, but a recent theory states that he was married to Akiko before he married Rinshi. However, MINAMOTO no Masanobu, who was the father of Rinshi, had a position that was one rank higher than him and once allowed Michinaga to live in his Tsuchimikado-dono Palace; Rinshi was considered to be the legal wife and Akiko his 'mistress' (entry on July 26, 1012 in "Shoyuki" (The Diary of FUJIWARA no Sanesuke)).

MINAMOTO no Akiko (the daughter of MINAMOTO no Saneakira)

MINAMOTO no Akiko (year of birth and death unknown) was the daughter of MINAMOTO no Saneakira. Her mother was KI no Yoriko, who had the title of Naishi no suke (Assistant Handmaid). She was called MINAMOTO no Naishi no suke. There was a theory that stated that she was the sister-in-law of Murasaki Shikibu (the wife of Tokitaka, who was an older brother to her husband, FUJIWARA no Nobutaka), and was the model of MINAMOTO no Naishinosuke, who made an appearance in "The Tale of Genji."