Minamoto no Chikahiro (源親弘)

MINAMOTO no Chikahiro (date of birth and death unknown) was a busho (Japanese military commander), who lived during the late Heian Period. He was a son of Nakatsukasa no jo MINAMOTO no Yoriharu (Uno Kaja (gentleman UNO)). He was a grandson of Mutsu no kuni no Kami (Governor of Mutsu Province) MINAMOTO no Yoritoshi. He was the father of MINAMOTO no Chikaharu, Motochika, Motohiro, Motoshige, Chikamitsu, a lady-in-waiting (concubine) of Emperor Takakura's wife Iyo no Naishi, etc. He was Tsushima no kuni no Kami (Governor of Tsushima Province) and Shimotsuke no kuni Gon no kami (Provisional Governor of Shimotsuke Province) (according to "Hogen Monogatari "(The Tale of the Hogen War), he was Shimotsuke no kuni no Kami (Governor of Shimotsuke Province)). He lived in Toshima County in Settsu Province and called himself 'Toshima no Gon no kami (Provisional Governor of Toshima). It is said that later he changed his imina (personal name) to Yorihiro.

Because of discord with his own son, Chikaharu, he had ceded his birthplace, Uno-sho Manor in Yamato Province, to his brothers and sisters, however, after the disputes, Chikaharu's proprietary was recognized by the imperial decree. Upon this decree, Chikaharu donated the manor to priest Shosen at Sanbo-in of Daigo-ji Temple, with the intention of promoting stability in the own domain.

His descendents were split into two, one in Yamato and the other in Settsu, and formed the Uno clan and the Toshima clan, respectively. Hikoshichi OMORI in Iyo Province was the sixth generation of the Uno clan line.