Minamoto no Junshi (源順子)

MINAMOTO no Junshi (also called MINAMOTO no Nobuko, 875 - May 4, 925) was the wife of FUJIWARA no Tadahira and the mother of FUJIWARA no Saneyori.
Though some historical materials describe '傾子' ("Okagamiuragaki" (annotation of the Great Mirror Tale) and "Ichidai Yoki" (summary chronicle of each reign)) and '頎子' ("Kodaireki" (a chronicle)), these two are considered to be mistakes by mistakingly taking the cursive script of 'Junshi (順子).'
Junshi became Tadahira's wife before Saneyori was born in 900, and "Kojidan" (Talks of the Past) says that the wedding of Tadahira and Junshi was held at the West wing of the Suzaku-in imperial villa when Tadahira was Daiben-Sangi (Major controller and councillor). In 924, the longevity celebration on Junshi's 50th birthday was held, but she suffered from serious illness in the same year, and died at 51 in May 925, the following year.

Though "Kugyobunin" (directory of court nobles) and "Honcho Koin Jounroku" (the Emperor's family tree, made in Muromachi period) says that she was a princess of Emperor Uda, the age difference between Junshi and Emperor Uda was only nine years, so it is possible that they were a brother and sister, but unlikely that they were a father and a daughter. Since Junshi was called 'Sugawara no kimi' ("Yamato Monogatari" (Tales of Yamato)), there is an theory that Junshi's mother was SUGAWARA no Tomoko, who was a kokyu (wife, possibly a court lady called koi) of Emperor Koko and a daughter of SUGAWARA no Koreyoshi, and she was adopted by Emperor Uda later. The basis that Tomoko was a wife of Emperor Koko is that Tomoko, who had no rank at that time, was ranked Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) on March 30, 884 right after the accession of Emperor Koko, and Princess Hanshi (her father was Imperial Prince Nakano, son of Emperor Kanmu), who was a nyogo (wife) of Emperor Koko and the mother of Emperor Uda, was ranked Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank) ("Nihon Sandai Jitsuroku" (sixth of the six classical Japanese history texts)). If this theory were to be adopted, it is possible to picture the deep relationships among SUGAWARA no Michizane who was Tomoko's brother, Emperor Uda and FUJIWARA no Tadahira.