Minamoto no Kuniaki (源国明)

MINAMOTO no Kuniaki (1064 - June 8, 1105) was a courtier in the later Heian period. He reached Shoshiinoge (Senior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade), and assumed Kurodo no to (Head Chamberlain) and Iyo no kuni no kami (the governor of Iyo Province). And he served as Shigyo betto (the chief of the Imperial office) of Shirakawain-cho (the Retired Emperor Shirakawa's Office).

Kuniaki came from Daigo-Genji (Minamoto clan) whose power was on the decline around then. His father was FUJIWARA no Moromoto, and his mother was the daughter of MINAMOTO no Sadayoshi. Kuniaki became an adopted child of MINAMOTO no Toshiaki who was his father's son-in-law. On the historical sources, however, both Minamoto and Fujiwara are confusingly used as his family name.

He held various positions, such as Saemon no suke (the assistant captain of the Left Division of Outer Palace Guards), Echigo no kuni no kami (the governor of Echigo Province) and Bizen no kuni no kami (the governor of Bizen Province).