Minamoto no Moritsune (Daigo-Genji (Minamoto clan)) (源盛経 (醍醐源氏))

MINAMOTO no Moritsune (year of birth and death unknown) was a figure in the Heian period.

Daigo-Genji (Minamoto clan)
A grandson of MINAMOTO no Nagasue in Tosa Province, who was a great-grandson of Sadaijin (Minister of the Left), MINAMOTO no Takaakira. A son of MINAMOTO no Morinaga. MINAMOTO no Moriie and MINAMOTO no Morisue were his brothers. MINAMOTO no Tsunemitsu (Daigo-Genji (Minamoto clan)), MINAMOTO no Nagatsune and MINAMOTO no Morimitsu were his sons. His daughter became a concubine of FUJIWARA no Tadamichi. Typical Keishi (household superintendent) of Sekke (line of regents and advisers). Exchange with Jakuren and the three brothers known as the Ohara no sanjaku can be seen in historical materials.