Minamoto no Nakaie (源仲家)

MINAMOTO no Nakaie (year of birth unknown - June 27, 1180) was a busho (Japanese military commander) of the late Heian Period. He was the Hachijo-in Kurodo (Chamberlain of Hachijo-in). He was the eldest son of MINAMOTO no Yoshikata, who had the title of Tatewaki (to belt on a sword, guard of the Imperial Prince) and originated from Kawachi-Genji (Minamoto Clan from Kawachi Province). His mother was the daughter of FUJIWARA no Munesue. His younger brother was MINAMOTO no Yoshinaka (Yoshinaka KISO) and children were MINAMOTO no Nakamitsu (Taro KURODO (Chamberlain)) and MINAMOTO no Nakakata (Jiro KURODO). His cousin was MINAMOTO no Yoritomo and his paternal younger brother, MINAMOTO no Yoshitune.

1155: When his father Yoshikata was attacked and killed in battle by his nephew, MINAMOTO no Yoshihira, he was given the patronage and adopted by MINAMOTO no Yorimasa of Settsu Genji (Minamoto Clan in Settsu Province) and was raised in Kyo (Kyoto). He served as Hachijo-in Kurodo as the court duty of the Imperial Court. However, "Heike Monogatari" (Tale of Heike (Taira Clan)) referred to him as Rokujo-in Kurodo (Chamberlain of Rokujo-in).

When the scheme of Prince Mochihito and his foster father, MINAMOTO no Yorimasa, to mobilize the army and suppress the Taira clan was found out in May 1180, he hid in the Ninna-ji Temple but was ordered to report with his legal son, Nakamitsu (Kujo-in hogandai). He headed toward Nara with Prince Mochihito, but was captured by the chasing army of the Taira family near the Byodo-in Temple in Uji City and died in battle along Nakamitsu's side on June 18.