Minamoto no Narimasa (源成雅)

MINAMOTO no Narimasa (year of birth and death unknown) was a court noble during the late Heian Period. He was the fourth son of Mutsu no Kami (governor of Mutsu Province) MINAMOTO no Nobumasa (a son of the Minister of the Right MINAMOTO no Akifusa), descendent of Murakami-Genji (Minamoto clan).
The details of his mother are unknown, although it is said that she was the daughter of Iyo no kuni no Kami (governor of Iyo Province) FUJIWARA no Kuniaki or 'the daughter of Tameie ASOMI/ ASON.'
He was ranked Shoshiinoge (Senior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade) and was Sakone no chujo (middle captain of the Left Division of Inner Palace Guards).

He closely served FUJIWARA no Yorinaga, since his elder sister as well as his little sister became Yorinaga's wives, and when the Hogen Disturbance broke out in 1156, he took part on the side of Emperor Sutoku with Yorinaga (at that time, he was at the post of Sakon no gon no shosho). When the Retired Emperor side was defeated by Emperor Goshirakawa, he entered the priesthood (his homyo - a Buddhist name given to a person who died or had entered the priesthood - was Renjo) to demonstrate his allegiance, however, he was not acquitted and was banished to Echigo Province.

Several years after, he was allowed to return to Kyoto during the Oho era, and according to "Ryojin-hisho" (Songs to make the dust dance on the beams), he later became kinshu (attendant) to Goshirakawa-in (Retired Emperor Goshirakawa), who once was his enemy. As he was in the priesthood, he was commonly called Omichujo-Nyudo (monk and middle captain of Omi).

However in 1177, he was arrested on suspicion of being involved in the Shishigatani Plot, and again banished to Sado Island.