Minamoto no Sadafusa (源定房)

MINAMOTO no Sadafusa (1130-August 18, 1188) was a court noble during the late Heian Period.

His father was Gon Chunagon (provincial vice-councilor of state) MINAMOTO no Masakane. His mother was the daughter of Dainagon (chief councilor of state) MINAMOTO no Yoshitoshi. His pseudonym was Horikawa Dainagon. He became an adopted child of Udaijin (Minister of the Right) MINAMOTO no Masasada, who was his cousin. He was renowned as a poet as well as an outstanding calligrapher. MINAMOTO no Sadatada, MINAMOTO no Masayuki, Tunemune OINOMIKADO's wife, FUJIWARA no Sadasuke's wife, TAIRA no Chikakuni's wife, FUJIWARA no Sadatsune's wife were his children among others. According to a theory, the Akamatsu clan was Sadafusa's descendent line.

After serving as Ukon no shosho (minor captain of the Right Division of Inner Palace Guards), Sanuki no kuni gon no suke (vice governor of Sanuki Province), Bicchu no kuni gon no suke (vice governor of Bicchu Province), Togubo gon no suke (monk official and vice governor of Togubo (Imperial Crown Prince's palace), Kurodo no to (chief of the Palace Officer), and others, he became Sangi (councilor) in 1157, and the next year he was ranked Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank). Afterwards, he was appointed to Mimasaku no kuni Gon no kami (provincial governor of Mimasaku Province) and finally ascended to Gon Dainagon (provisional chief councilor of state) ranked Junii (Junior Second Rank). He also became Betto (chief officer) of the Imperial Household Agency to Emperor Goshirakawa. He entered the priesthood in July, 1188 because of his illness, and in the following month he passed away. He was 59 years old.