Minamoto no Shigenari (源重成)

MINAMOTO no Shigenari (date of birth unknown -January 1160) was a busho (Japanese military commander), who lived in the late Heian Period. He was the oldest son of Yashima no Kaja SADO no Genta MINAMOTO no Shigezane. His mother was a daughter of Koto no daibu (secretary chief with the third title of the official ranks) Munenari. He called himself Sado shikibu daibu. He was also known as Shigenari SADO. His brothers were: Jiro Senjo (二郎先生) MINAMOTO no Shigetada, Yamada Senjo (山田先生) MINAMOTO no Shigetada who served as Chikugo no kuni no Kami (Governor of Chikugo Province), and Urano Shiro MINAMOTO no Shigetoo who married into the family of Shoshiinoge (Senior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade) Chinju-fu shogun (Commander-in-Chief of the Defense of the North) MINAMOTO no Yoshiie and became Shinano no kuni no Kami (the Governor of Shinano Province). After serving as Shikibu no jo (Secretary of the Ministry of Rites), he became admitted to the imperial court with the conferment of the official court rank of Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) and the appointment as Omi no kuni no Kami (Governor of Omi Province).

In 1131, he became Oinosuke (assistant head of the bureau responsible for food preparation for religious ceremonies and feasts within the court). In 1142, he was appointed Hyobu no shojo (Junior Secretary of the Ministry of War). In July 1156, he entered Hogen Disturbance on the side of Emperor Goshirakawa, and acted together with MINAMOTO no Yoshitomo. He was raised to Jugoinoge Shikibu no jo (Secretary of the Ministry of Rites) and used the title of Shikibu no daibu (Senior Secretary of Rites). After the disturbance, he escorted Retired Emperor Sudoku, who was captured because he had sided with the enemy, on the way from Ninna-ji Temple to the vicinity of Toba.

In January 1160, he also took part in the Heiji Disturbance and fought under the Yoshitomo's commands. On this occasion, he escorted Retired Emperor Goshirakawa, whom Yoshitomo's force temporarily detained.
Together with the case of escorting Retired Emperor Sudoku mentioned above, he became much talked about as a person who 'had escorted the retired emperors of two consecutive generations.'

However, he was defeated by TAIRA no Kiyomori's force and ran away together with Yoshitomo toward the eastern region, accompanied by a handful retainers.
On their way, when they encountered a band of chasers to hunt down the surviving soldiers in Mino Province, he hastily made Yoshitomo escape and he killed himself after shouting, 'I am MINAMOTO no Yoshitomo, I tell you.'
It is said that he heavily damaged his own face to conceal his identity before he expired.