Minamoto no Shigesada (源重貞)

MINAMOTO no Shigesada (unknown to 1180) was a warrior at the end of the Heian period. Shigesada was the third son of MINAMOTO no Shigezane who was said to be one of the four most loyal retainers of Tobain (the Retired Emperor Toba). Shigesada's older brothers included MINAMOTO no Shigeto and MINAMOTO no Shigenari. He called himself Yamada-senjo. Shigesada's children included Shigetsune, Shigemitsu YAMADA, Shigekuni, Shigetsugu, and Nakashige.

In the Hogen War in 1156, Shigesada together with his older brother, Shigenari, joined the side of the Emperor Goshirakawa and they won. During this battle, it was said that an arrow which was shot by Shigesada hit exactly the back of the neck of FUJIWARA no Yorinaga who was sadaijin (minister of the left) on the enemy side (Yorinaga died because of this injury). After this, Shigesada captured MINAMOTO no Tametomo near Sakata in Omi Province. Because of this performance, Shigesada was appointed as Uemon no shojo (Junior Lieutenant of the Right Division of Outer Palace Guards) or the Governor of Chikugo Province.

At the entrance into Kyoto for Enryaku-ji Temple forcible appeal (forcible appeal in the Kao era) in 1169, Shigesada made the best effort with his relatives to protect the Shumei-mon gate of the Imperial Palace precinct. In the War of Prince Mochihito in 1180, although Shigesada followed MINAMONO no Yorimasa and took up arms, Shigesada's army lost. Shigesada died while he was fleeing to Mino Province where he had his own territory.