Minamoto no Tasuku (源扶)

MINAMOTO no Tasuku (year of birth unknown-February 2, 935) was a busho (Japanese military commander) during the mid Heian period. It is said that he was the eldest son of MINAMOTO no Mamoru, Daijo (the third rank official) of Hitachi Province, and his younger brothers were MINAMOTO no Takashi and MINAMOTO no Shigeru. His background is unknown, but he is generally considered to have been from the Saga-Genji, the same clan of MINAMOTO no Atsuru (Atsuru MITA), Musashi gon no suke (provisional assistant governor of Musashi Province) because he had a one character name.


His background and personality are unknown because of lack of historical materials. In February 935, as a result of conflict over territory or woman, he ambushed TAIRA no Masakado, taking up a position in Nomoto, but he was counterattacked by Masakado who got an edge on the bow battle with favorable wind, and died in battle along with his younger brothers Takashi and Shigeru.