Minamoto no Tomochika (源具親)

MINAMOTO no Tomochika (year of birth and death unknown) was an official and poet of the early Kamakura period. MINAMOTO no Toshifusa of Murakami-Genji (Minamoto clan) line. Second son of MINAMOTO no Moromitsu who was Shogoinoge (Senior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) of the Kyoshiki (the Capital Bureau). Mother was daughter of KOSE no Munenari (Retired Emperor Goshirakawa Aki). Amongst his elder sisters of the same biological mother was Gotobain no Kunaikyo. Became the adopted son of Yoshisuke KUJO of the Konoefu (the Headquarters of the Inner Palace Guards) and became Kujo's heir. Wife was daughter of Shigetoki HOJO. Children were: MINAMOTO no Sukemichi and MINAMOTO no Suketoki. Was also called Ononomiya shosho (General Onomiya). A member of the New Thirty-six Major Poets literary circle.

Became Sahyoe no suke (Assistant Captain of the Left Division of Middle Palace Guards) in 1201 and in July the same year became a key member of Yoriuta Waka poetry establishment. In 1205 became Jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade) Sakon no shosho (Minor Captain of the Left Division of Inner Palace Guards). Prior to August 1233 he entered the priesthood taking the holy name Nyoshun. In 1262 the name 'Nyoshun' appears in the "Thirty-six person grand poetry contest" however, he was then more than 80 years it is said.

He was one of the poets patronized by the cloistered government of Emperor Gotoba and in 1207 produced a number of poetry anthologies including: 'Shojigodohyakushu,' 'Sengohyaku ban Utaawase' (1500 Poetry Couplets Compilation) and 'Saisho shitennoin shoji waka.'
21of his classical waka Japanese poems appear in the "Shinkokin Wakashu" (New Collection of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry) and succeeding 6 editions of "Shin chokusen wakashu" (A new anthology of Japanese poetry compiled by Imperial command).