Minamoto no Tsunemitsu (源経光)

MINAMOTO no Tsunemitsu (year of birth unknown - April 28, 1146) was a samurai, who lived during the latter Heian period. He was the second son of Governor of Shimotsuke Province, MINAMOTO no Akikuni. His brothers were MINAMOTO no Yukikuni, MINAMOTO no Ariyori, MINAMOTO no Moritaka, and others, and his sons were Kiyotsuna, Yorimoto, and Yorisada. It is said that he was Kurodo (Chamberlain) ("Sonpi Bunmyaku" [a text compiled in the fourteenth century that records the lineages of the aristocracy]).

According to an article in "Honcho seiki" (Chronicle of Imperial Reigns), in the late evening of April 28, 1146 when the residence of his cousin, Imperial Princess Kanshi (the fifth Imperial Princess of Emperor Shirakawa) was burned down due to lightning strike, he tried to beat off the growling thunder with a hyojo (deadly weapon) in his hand and he was struck by lightning just in the moment of grand discharge and got electrocuted. Although the details of the incident was unknown, in the article of the next day, there is a comment on the spread of the rumor, in which that he was said to received divine punishment due to his discourtesy related to Tsunemitsu's management in the clerical work at Takebe-taisha Shrine in Omi Province (although, it is not known the exact background nor details). It is also said that on that day of the incident, his wife was just next to him but she was miraculously unhurt, and Imperial Princess Kanshi escaped in safety to the residence of FUJIWARA no Sadanobu.

According to "Honcho seiki," there is a description about the hyojo he was carrying, as 'it is commonly called naginata,' and it is supposed that this was the first appearance of naginata (Japanese halberd) in a document.