Minamoto no Yorinori (源頼範)

MINAMOTO no Yorinori (years of birth and death unknown) was a samurai and government official in the mid Heian period. He was the seventh son of MINAMOTO no Mitsunaka. His mother is unknown, and he was said to be an adopted child of his eldest brother MINAMOTO no Yorimitsu. His sons were MINAMOTO no Yoritsuna, MINAMOTO no Yoriie, MINAMOTO no Yorimoto, MINAMOTO no Chikahiro, MINAMOTO no Yorihiro, MINAMOTO no Eiju, MINAMOTO no Yoriaki and others. He was ranked at Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), and was Ukone no shogen (Lieutenant of the Right Division of the Inner Palace Guards), and Saemon no jo (a third-ranked officer of the Left Division of the Outer Palace Guards).

He acted as a middle-ranked government official in Kyoto, and in 1011 he served as Zenku (an outrider or person riding horseback in the lead position of a cavalcade) to MINAMOTO no Yorikuni on the occasion of Saigu misogi (a purification ceremony of the ancient imperial princesses serving at Ise Shrine) accompanied with the enthronement of the Emperor Sanjo, according to "Mido Kanpakuki" (FUJIWARA no Michinaga's diary). In 1014 he was admitted to the court as hikurodo (trainee in the Kurodo dokoro, or the Imperial Secretariat) and in 1016 he became Inshi (official of the In no cho, or Retired Emperor's Office) of Sanjo-in, according to "Shoyuki" (the diary of FUJIWARA no Sanesuke), but this is the last time he appears in historical materials.

In addition, with regard to the descriptions of his children in "Sonpi Bunmyaku" (Bloodlines of Noble and Base), there was a conflict between his brothers Yorimitsu and Yorihira. Moreover, one theory has it that Yoritsuna, who was believed to be the first child of Yorinori, was thought to be same person as Yoritsuna (TADA no Yoritsuna) who was the fifth son of Yorinori's nephew Yorikuni, and Tadasho was transferred from Mitsunaka to Yorinori and then succeeded by his child Yoritsuna.