Minamoto no Yoritoo (源頼遠)

MINAMOTO no Yoritoo was a busho (Japanese military commander) who lived during the mid Heian period (April 18, 1007-1062). He was MINAMOTO no Yorichika's third son. He was the father of MINAMOTO no Nakashige, MINAMOTO no Arimitsu, MINAMOTO no Iehiro, MINAMOTO no Arinobu and MINAMOTO no Aritoo. His court rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) and the director of Ise Province. His wife was the daughter of FUJIWARA no Munemoto, the Governor of Suo Province. His common name was Saburo FUKUHARA. MINAMOTO no Yorito was the ancestor of the Mutsu Ishikawa clan.

As Yoritoo had not participated in the battle against Kofuku-ji Temple which led to his father's deportation to Tosa Province, he was not punished. In 1051 when Yoriyoshi ABE raised a rebellion army (the Zenkunen War [the Early Nine Years' War]), Yoritoo went to Mutsu Province under the command of MINAMOTO no Yoriyoshi and fought against the rebellion army. In 1062 he was killed in the battle to attack Kuriyagawa no saku, which was the foothold of the Abe clan (Oshu [Mutsu Province]). Arimitsu, one of Aritoo's sons, commanded soldiers in place of him.

Arimitsu, who was granted Mutsusendo as an Imperial gift with his war achievements, built Ganpo-ji Temple and buried his father's remains there.