Minamoto no Yoshihiro (founder of the Kondo clan) (源義広 (紺戸氏祖))

MINAMOTO no Yoshihiro or Yoshihiro KONDO (year of birth unknown-1180?) was the fourth son of MINAMOTO no Yoshitoki. He was a busho (Japanese military commander) during the end of Heian period.

He was the fourth son of MINAMOTO no Yoshitoki who was the sixth son of MINAMOTO no Yoshiie (HACHIMANTARO Yoshiie). He was the founder of the Kondo clan, one of the Ishikawa-Genji (Minamoto clan) families.

In 1180, when MINAMOTO no Yoritomo raised an army, he also raised an army in response to that in Ishikawa County, Kawachi Province, the home ground of his ancestor Kawachi-Genji (Minamoto clan); his army fought against the armies of MINAMOTO no Suesada and TAIRA no Morizumi dispatched by TAIRA no Kiyomori in Uji City and suffered a crushing defeat. He is said to have been caught or died in battle, but detail is unknown.