Minamoto no Yoshinobu (源義信)

MINAMOTO no Yoshinobu (year of birth and death unknown) was a Japanese military commander of Kawachi-Genji (Minamoto clan) who lived during the late Heian period. He was the eldest child of MINAMOTO no Yoshichika and a grandchild of MINAMOTO no Yoshiie. His common name was Taro TSUSHIMA. His official court rank was Jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade), Sahyoe no suke (Assistant Captain of the Left Division of Middle Palace Guards).


His younger half-brother, MINAMOTO no Tameyoshi, was adopted by his uncle, MINAMOTO no Yoshitada, and became the leader of the Minamoto clan. However, although he was the eldest son, he slipped out of the mainstream of the Minamoto clan. It is said that the reason was because he was an illegitimate child. That's probably why he didn't act outstandingly in the Hogen War or the Heiji War, although he was the Minamoto clan. However, he became an official more smoothly than his younger brother, MINAMOTO no Tameyoshi, and he eventually made his rise to Jushiinoge, Sahyoe no suke. Considering that, his younger brother, MINAMOTO no Tameyoshi, may have been regarded as the leader of the Minamoto clan inside them, but in the Imperial Court and other places, Yoshinobu may have been appointed as high position according to the birth order.

In addition, some people say that Tameyoshi is thought to be the leader of the Minamoto clan only because Tameyoshi's grandchild, MINAMOTO no Yoritomo, later showed great success including the establishment of the Kamakura Shogunate. According to the theory, it is thought that because Kawachi-Genji sharply declined after Yoshitada's death, no one did not care about who the leader of Kawachi-Genji was at the time, and inside of the disjointed families of Kawachi-Genji, people formed each faction and regarded themselves as the leader in it, and Yoshinobu also regarded himself as the leader.