Miwa no Sakau (三輪逆)

MIWA no Sakau (year of birth unknown - May, 586) was a person of the Asuka era. His Kabane (hereditary title) was Kimi. He was a favorite retainer of Emperor Bidatsu.

In July, 585, when SOGA no Umako was permitted to practice Buddhism by Emperor Bidatsu, he constructed a Buddhist building, set a Buddha statue inside it and held a religious service. Sakau plotted an attack to burn MONONOBE no Moriya and NAKATOMI no Iware and the Jito (Buddhism pagoda) but Umako prevented it.

In September of the same year, Emperor Bidatsu died and at his funeral ceremony, Sakau read a eulogy, 'To prevent the devastation of the Imperial Court, I will serve as if I were a mirror which is purified to govern peacefully,' and gathered the Hayato (an ancient tribe in Kyushu) and guarded Mogarimiya.

In May, 586, Prince Anahobe, as an act of insult to Empress Suiko (an empress of Emperor Bidatsu) attempted to enter the temporary imperial mortuary. Sakau prevented the incursion by gathering the palace guards and closing the gate of the Palace. Prince Anahobe asked seven times for the gate to be opened, but Sakau did not let him enter. Prince Anahobe was indignant and said to Umako, a minister, and Moriya, a Muraji, that Saka was arrogant. Umako and Moriya agreed with his comment. Prince Anahobe wanted to be the Emperor of Japan and used this as an excuse to make an attempt on Sakau's life.

Prince Anahobe led the soldiers with Moriya and laid siege around Iware pond. Sakau realized what was happening and made his escape to Mt. Miwa. He got out of the mountain that night, and hid in the kokyu (empress's residence) of Kashikiya-hime, theTsubaichi Palace. Shiratsutsumi and Yokoyama, who were members of Sakau's family, disclosed the location of Sakau. Prince Anahobe sent Moriya and ordered him to kill Sakau and his two children (it is said that Prince Hatsusebe also joined this conspiracy). Moriya led soldiers and headed for the Tsubaichi palace to eliminate Sakau. Prince Anahobe also got out of his own house to join Moriya, but Umako admonished him and said, 'A monarch should not be in close proximity to a criminal,' and stopped him from going. When Prince Anahobe and Umako were waiting, Moriya came back and announced that he had killed Sakau (there is another story that Prince Anahobe went there himself and shot Sakau to death).
Umako lamented and said, 'The war of tenka (the realm) is coming soon' and Moriya said, 'It does not concern a lowly retainer like you.'

Sakau was deeply trusted by Emperor Bidatsu, and was relied upon in all matters. Because of this situation, Kashikiya-hime and Umako started to bear a grudge against Prince Anahobe. After that, Prince Anahobe and MONONOBE no Moriya were eliminated by Umako.