Mononobe no Okoshi (物部尾輿)

MONONOBE no Okoshi (date of birth and death unknown) was a member of Japanese powerful family in the middle of the sixth century. He served as the Omurashi (a high-ranking clan head position of the ancient Japanese Yamato state) during the reigns of Emperor Ankan and Emperor Kinmei. His farther was MONONOBE no Arayama. Among his children was MONONOBE no Moriya.

In 531, the necklace the daughter of IOKIBE no Kikoyu gave to KASUGA no YAMADA no Himemiko turned out to be the one she had stolen from Okoshi. As Okoshi was concerned about this incident, he let some of his Bemin (officers and people serving the Yamato state) serve the Empress. When the Emperor Kinmei ascended to the throne, Okoshi was once again assigned to the Omuraji. In 539, he accused OTOMO no Kanamura of ceding the four areas of Mimane to Baekje, and made Kanamura retire from the political world. In 552 when Buddhism was allegedly introduced to Japan and Sho Myoo, the King of Baekje, sent Buddha statues and scriptures, Okoshi and NAKATOMI no Kamako insisted abolishment of Buddhism and they conflicted with SOGA no Iname, who was on the Buddhist side.