Mononobe no Omae (物部小前)

MONONOBE no Omae (the years of birth and death unknown) was a member of the Mononobe clan, an ancient powerful family, around the era of Imperial Court of Emperor Anko. According to "Shinsen Shojiroku" (Newly Compiled Register of Clan Names and Titles of Nobility), he is said to have been a grandchild of NIGIHAYAHI no Mikoto XII. Although Tenson hongi (the original record of the heavenly grandchild) in "Kujiki" (ancient Japanese historical text) says he was 'MONONOBE no Omae no Sukune no Murajikimi', was a son of MONONOBE no Mukiri, was a younger brother of MONONOBE no Oomae and was 'Motoi no Omuraji, Ji no Osukune, Hosai Jingu', there is no other record of which he became Omuraji. In the section of Emperor Ingyo in "Kojiki" (The Records of Ancient Matters), it is recorded that 'Oomae komae no sukune no oomi' appeared as if Oomae were one person at the scene at which ANAHO no miko (Emperor Anko) caught KINASHI no karunomiko and sheltered Prince at first, but demoted to ANAHO no miko later. Although the same event is recorded in the section of a period before Emperor Anko enthronement in "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan), only Oomae appeared in it and there is a song (miyahitoburi) saying 'Oomae komae no sukune, and the like' (since this song is the same as that of the Emperor Ingyo section in "Kojiki", it is said this was taken from a tradition of "Kojiki" [Iwanami Japanese classics literature compendium "Nihonshoki One", 1967]).

According to Shinsen Shojiroku, it is written he was an ancestor of TAKAHASHI no Muraji (Shinbetsu [clans branched out of a family of god] of Yamashiro Province) and TOMI no Muraji (Shinbetsu of Kawachi Province) but also written that he was an ancestor of TABE no Muraji in "Tenson hongi" (the original record of the heavenly grandchild).

There is also a theory that doubts its existence since MONONOBE no Oomae komae no sukune was treated as brothers of Oomae and Komae without notice.