Nomura Mannosuke (野村万之介)

Mannosuke NOMURA (May 2, 1939 -) is a Kyogen performer of Izumi school. He is the fifth son of the sixth Manzo NOMURA. His older brothers are Man NOMURA (Manzo Nomura, the seventh), Mansaku NOMURA and Shiro NOMURA who is Nohgakushi (Noh actor) of Kanze school.
His real name: Goro NOMURA
He left the literature department of Chuo University without a diploma.

He has been at the forefront at home and overseas as an important member of 'Mansaku no kai' (the kyogen performance group). Although Mannosuke is not as famous as his brother Mansaku or his nephew Mansai, he is one of the important backbones who support Mansaku family. His acting style is not fixed but easygoing and freewheeling and has a really solid base audience.

Mannosuke, succeeding to Mansaku, has been teaching at Kyogen club (club of farce played during a Noh cycle) at Tokyo University and Waseda University since around 1968.

Chronological list of the main events

1944: He made a debut in 'Hachi-tataki' (A begging priest who goes about beating an iron bowl). 1970: He played 'Tsuri kitsune' (Fox Trapping). 1980: He received the new face award of Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts. Since 1982: He has been a member of The Association for Japanese Noh Plays. Since 1990: He has been leading 'Manosuke kyogen no kai' (gathering of Mannosuke's kyogen [farce played during a Noh cycle]).