Nomura Mansaku (野村万作)

Mansaku NOMURA (the second) (a kyogen performer, June 22, 1931 -) was born in Tokyo. Real name: Jiro. Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Koishikawa High School, and Waseda University.

He presides over the 'Mansaku no kai' (the kyogen performance group). He is known for having refined the work titled 'Tsuri kitsune' (Fox Trapping) by performing it for 26 times. During the period from 1965-1974, he became popular among the general public due to his appearance in a commercial message of 'NESCAFÉ Gold Blend,' a product by NESCAFÉ.

The general holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property. He is the second son of the late Manzo NOMURA, the sixth, and debuted at the age of 3. He succeeded the professional name, Mansaku, in 1950. He has been striving to spread kyogen since after the war which was the dark days for traditional performing arts, and received broad support. He won many awards such as Arts Festival (Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs) Grand Prize, Award of the Japan Art Academy, The Kinokuniya Theater Prize, Shiju hosho (medal of honor with purple ribbon) and Shoyo TSUBOUCHI's Prize.

In 2007, he was certified as the holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure).

He has an older brother, Man NOMURA (Manzo NOMURA, the seventh). His younger brothers are Shiro NOMURA and Mannosuke NOMURA. He also has a younger sister.

He authored a book, "Taro-kaja wo ikiru" (living as the leading actor of kyogen) (published by Hakusuisha Publishing Co., Ltd.).

Mansai NOMURA, who is engaged in kyogen and other various activities and performances, is his son.


1934 Debuted with the work titled 'Utsubozaru' (The Quiver Monkey). 1950 Succeeded the professional name, Mansaku. Mastered 'Sanbaso' (a dance dedicated to the shrine and performed as a Japanese-styled three dolls, Chitose, Okina and Sanbaso, operated by three doll handlers) and 'Nasu no Yoichi no katari' (The Tale of NASU no Yoichi).

1956 Mastered 'Tsuri kitsune' (Fox Trapping).

1960 Mastered 'Hanako.'

1978 Won the Arts Festival Grand Prize.

1979 Won the Kinokuniya Theater Prize.

1982 Won the Arts Festival Excellence Award.

1986 Won the Hosei University, Kanze Hisao's Noh play Prize. Mastered 'Tanuki no haratsuzumi' (a story of a raccoon and a huntsman).

1990 Won the Award of the Japan Art Academy.

1995 Won the 'Shiju hosho' (medal of honor with purple ribbon).

1998 Won the Shoyo TSUBOUCHI's Prize.

2003 Won the Best Father Yellow ribbon Prize.

2006 Won the Asahi Prize.

2007 Council for Cultural Affairs reported to Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for certifying Mansaku NOMURA as Living National Treasure.

2008 Selected as the honor inhabitant of Nerima ward. Won the Shin HASEGAWA's Prize.