Manzaburo UMEWAKA (the first) (梅若万三郎 (初世))

Manzaburo UMEWAKA (the first) (January 3, 1869 - June 29, 1946) was a Noh actor of Kanze-ryu school.

Brief Personal History
The first son of Minoru UMEWAKA, the first, who was said to be one of the three masters of the Meiji period. He learned under his father as his master to pursue the spirit of the family art. He succeeded to the Kichinojo UMEWAKA family. His sons are Manzaburo UMEWAKA (the second) and Naoyoshi UMEWAKA.

1937: Became a member of the Imperial Art Academy when it was established.

1944: Received the Asahi Shinbun Cultural Award.

1946: Awarded the Order of Culture.

"Nohgaku zuiso, Kido kanwa" (Essay on Noh play: An idle talk at Ki-do Hall): Sekizenkan, 1938
"Manzaburo geidan" (Manzabro's talk on the arts): Sekizenkan, 1946